The flop proof Mom-on-the-go outfit formulas for Summer went down really well, so I’m kicking off a series of updates for Autumn 2009. Using elements from this season’s must have list, I’ve compiled 10 casual outfit combinations that I’m putting into practice with clients right now. So far, my clients are happy with the results. I’ll revisit each separate outfit combination in more detail and with visuals as the season progresses.

You can more or less interchange the shoe and boot suggestions, but for the sake of variety and simplicity, I’ve stuck to one footwear option per formula. You can also swap around the top, scarf and jacket options to create entirely new formulas. The possibilities are endless and this is just a starting point. Lastly, unless I specify the style of jeans, the wash, cut and hem width is up to you.

Flop proof outfit formulas:

  1. Jeans + embellished / graphic T + new look cardigan + ballet flats: By new look cardigans I mean boyfriend, cascading or fly away and curved hem styles. I won’t shoot you if you insist on sticking to a classic cropped cardigan, but do try to evolve your look this season ladies! It’s all about the cardigan at the moment and the new styles make for a refreshing change. If a fancy layering T is not your thing, a knit top or woven blouse will work just as well. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  2. Skinny Jeans + long sleeved T + scarf + tall boots: Tucking jeans into knee–high or calf length boots is very practical for cold, wet weather. You have the option of leaving the top solid and adding a patterned scarf, or vice versa. Add a new look cardigan layer if it’s nippy outside. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  3. Casual dress + tights or hose + tall boots: Dresses can be casual and I can’t stress that enough. Think jersey knit, sack styles and sweater dresses paired with mid-calf slouch boots or knee-high riding boots. Go bare-legged if it’s warm, or add a cheeky little cropped jacket for cooler weather. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  4. Jeans + tunic sweater + leather / pleather jacket + ankle boots: Banded tunic knitwear gets my vote because the style is easy and forgiving around the midriff area. Add a cropped jacket for structure and throw in ankle-length cowboy boots for fun. Cowboy boots do not need to look overtly western. Fryes assortment has been stellar this season and the colours are delicious. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  5. Jeans + graphic / embellished T + boyfriend blazer + Converse sneakers: Wooohoo! Super cool. Boyfriend blazers do not need to look smart and strict. Choose one in a nubby tweed or pinstripe and scrunch up the sleeves for a more relaxed look. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  6. Denim skirt + knit top + leather or pleather jacket + slouch boots: Corduroy or tartan skirts will work just as well. Substitute a woven button down shirt for the knit top and layer over a sleeveless or short sleeved pullover for a fun preppy vibe. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  7. Micro check pants + denim shirt / knit top + pleather / leather jacket + loafers: Denim and chambray shirts are resurfacing and are great to pair with a non-denim bottoms. Don’t dismiss the idea of loafers. They can totally be hip if your outfit is interesting. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  8. Clamdiggers + long sleeved T + scarf+ tall boots: This look is daring and sweet. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  9. Skinny stretch knit pants + button down tunic shirt + casual belt + tall boots: Ponte de Roma knit pants are your oh-so-comfy casual pants alternative to jeans. Think plaid/tartan tunic or painters shirt and add a casual distressed belt for more structure. A lacy camisole peeking through from underneath a boyish plaid shirt adds a nice feminine touch. [Update: detailed post on this formula]
  10. Leggings + tunic or dress + ballet flats: Now that the weather has cooled, you might want to try some of the leggings looks that our forum members’ rocked.

I’ve left out accessories like necklaces, bracelets and cuffs because they aren’t essential. But they’re still a great way to finish off an outfit that’s missing a little extra magic. Belts are also not a must, but they will add polish to the ensemble. Large shoulder totes, cross-body bags and rain hats are practical and hands free solutions for those with children in tow.

As temperatures plummet, you’ll substitute the T’s and knit tops for warm handle knitwear and add on layers like weatherproof trenches, wool coats, puffers, hats and gloves. Umbrellas and wellington boots are also fun items to add into these ensemble mixes. Most importantly, don’t forget that statement specs and a fabulous watch are sometimes the only accessories you’ll need to pull a casual outfit together.

For easy reference, here are the formulas I posted last season:

And Laura’s posts on road testing these formulas:

Let me know in the comments if you have anything to add. I’d love to hear your thoughts before we cover the individual formulas in more detail. And have fun with your casual mom-on-the-go outfits.

Mom on the Go Outfits

Our fabulous forum members putting some of these casual flop proof outfit formulas into stylish action this season (you’ll see additional inspiring outfits in the forum thread). Most of these lasses are real life Moms on the go with kids in tow, while the other gals are simply using the formula for casual everyday dressing. Our models cover ALL heights, body types, sizes, ages, fashion personas and budgets. A lot more compelling than catalogue models. I’m impressed.