Today’s blog post is written by long time YLF supporter, forum member and good friend Eva, who hails from Hawaii but lives in Seattle. I asked our stylish and pretty modern-classic Eva and her dancing doggie Iniki to put these puddle stompers through their paces and this is what they thought. Take it away ladies…

Coming back from vacation in Hawaii, what did I have to look forward to? Cold weather, rain and work. But wait, my Plueys rain boots arrived while I was away. Yeah! Something to look forward to.

I’m sure Angie was thinking, who better to road test the Plueys than Eva, who lives in Seattle and has 3 dogs to walk, rain or shine. I was delighted to help out. I had been looking for rain boots since my brand new, stylish and comfy Sperry Top-Sider wedge rubber boots cracked and leaked. I jumped on Plueys web page and right on the front page is the silhouette of a woman walking her dog who looked so stylish in her rain boots. I was sold.

As soon as I got home I pulled them out of the package and tried them on. The perfect size. Love the purple sugar plum flowers. I was hoping for rain because I was going to wear them rain or shine (shine in April in Seattle?).

If you do a price search you’ll find that Plueys ($60), are in the middle of the price range for rain or rubber boots. Still, this does seem pricey. My hubby laughs because he worked on a ranch and says, “Can’t you just paint $15 dairy boots to get the same effect?” Or better yet, why couldn’t he come up with the idea?

On my first day in the rain, holding my dog’s leash stretched out as she ventured into soggy grass, I remembered: “Oh! I can slosh in the puddles with her.” No problem with walking through puddles to follow my pup in search of the perfect scent. They fit over skinnies and they look great with skirts. They also have a one inch heel and adjustable calf strap, which makes them even more practical and comfortable. I am now on the lookout for a purple umbrella to match my Plueys. Walking the dogs at six in the morning, they are often the most stylish article of clothing I have on!

One last note on my Sperry Top Siders: I returned them to Sperry who exchanged them with no problem. Now I have two pairs of super cool rain boots for any occasion.

Eva and InnekeEva's Plueys

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