We’re into our fourth season of gladiator sandals and they are still everywhere. To me, they are starting to feel more like a mainstream basic than a trend that will disappear next season. If you like the look, but question their fashion longevity, I say go for it. My instincts tell me that they are here to stay.

Gladiator sandals come in all shapes, styles, colours and heel heights. Not all gladiator styles strap high above the ankle or sport copper hardware. You can purchase a pair that are a little less “gladiator-esque” if you fancy a more timeless and pretty look. I was able to put an example of the tame-looking variety through their paces in hot Israel a couple of weeks ago and they passed with flying colours. Comfy 8-hour walking shoes if you don’t tie the buckles too tight. Also, remember that you can stretch sandals that are a little snug if the leather is soft (and these are really soft).

I like gladiators best when they are matched with skinny jeans or clamdiggers. I also like them with skirts and frocks because of the appealing contrast that is created between something very feminine and quite edgy. Add a well groomed foot to the equation and you’re in business.

Gladiator Mom-on-the-Go Mia HydraSteve Madden Battle

A stylish Mum-on-the-go in bustling downtown Tel Aviv. In my book, her look is casual perfection. White skinny jeans, flat pewter gladiators, an easy and interesting voluminous cardigan over a flattering knitted top and a statement handbag. Love it. The gladiators next door are less pretty than the ones I own (and our Israeli Mum is wearing), but nice in their own way too. Lots of options.