I’m still a fan of Sweet Pea’s top collection. The brand is best known for their mock wrap and empire cut styles, which look good on several body types. The forgiving stretch of the fabric and the ruched integrity of their silhouette folds over curves instead of clinging to them (ideal for camouflaging muffin top). If you can find a pattern that you like, the tops are well worth a try because they’re lightweight and made of durable, non-crease nylon mesh. Easy to launder, flattering to wear and fun for Spring and Summer. A pretty flop-proof solution for us all.

Sweet Pea keeps things fresh by offering plenty of new styles each season. The silhouette that caught my attention was an A-line sleeveless tie-back tunic style. It’s slightly trapeze, pleated under the neck and made of one solid piece (no colour blocked hem borders which cut your long lean line). This style is good on small to medium bust size rectangles, inverted triangles and hourglasses. Loose, cool and forgiving around the midsection. It will even work on some adorable apples and pretty pears if you alter the length.

The neckline is not ideal for large bust lines or short necked lasses (V-necks are better). But don’t give up before trying because you may be surprised at the result. Add a long beaded necklace to this style to draw the eye up and down and emphasize the vertical.

These tops are fab under a cropped cardigan and white jeans, or on their own with clamdiggers. I like how they’re voluminous and tailored at the same time. Makes for a nice change to the multitudes of empire cuts and wrap styles (we need a little break from the defined waist). If these patterns are not to your taste, hang on. Sweet Pea is bound to offer alternatives throughout the season.


Tip: I’ve successfully doctored several Sweet Pea tops because the fabric does not fray. Cut a sleeve or hem to length at home with a pair of sharp scissors and Bob’s your uncle.