The ratio of solid colours to patterns for the tops, knitwear, jackets, skirts and frocks in your wardrobe depends entirely on your individual style and aesthetic preferences. I see fully functioning wardrobes that are 90% patterned, and I know uber-stylish lasses who stick to solids. There is no generally applicable formula.

As far as clothing goes, I generally have a mix of both with a preference for solids (70% solid and 30% pattern). I’ve found that with a larger selection of solids, I can have fun with accessories like patterned scarves, checked pants, animal print bags and floral pins. I also like to use texture and colour blocking as a way of making my ensembles look interesting. Solids lend themselves better to those looks. Above all, I tire of a pattern more easily then I do of a solid colour, which is why I prefer to see less of it when I open up my closet door.

As much as I love the pure, clean-cut and versatile edge of solids, my wardrobe would feel bland without patterns. I love the surge of excitement that I get when I see one that I adore. And it’s always love at first sight (patterns never seem to grow on me – I either love them or I don’t). My favourite pattern of all time is polka dots in all its variations. There’s just something so fun, fresh, modern, graphic and retro about a spotty vibe. Next would be geometrics and after that abstract florals.

Over to you. What’s your mix of patterns and solids in your wardrobe, and are you happy with that mix? Do you feel you need a change? Do you even like patterns, and if so, which ones are your favourites?