I love accessories with floral motifs and there are plenty to choose from this season. Fabulous. Enter my next Spring update: a floral pin. Unlike my other Spring updates, I’ll sport it all year round. Even more economical.

Floral pins come in many different fabrications, sizes and styles: realistic or abstract, solid or patterned, large or small – take your pick. I like abstract floral pins made of silk or feathers the best. I guess it’s the modern-retro aspect of my style that finds those ones appealing. The versions that look more like actual flowers are sweet too, especially when creating a nice contrast with an androgynous outfit.

About five years ago I was wearing floral pins all the time, but stopped when the look was everywhere. Spotting the perfect black and white polka dot floral pin at Club Monaco rekindled my interest. So much so that it has given new life to the older floral pins in my accessory box.


I like the way floral pins add an arty and whimsical feeling to any outfit. And if you thought that there was only one way to sport them, think again. You have several options as you can see from my outfits above (by no means an exhaustive list). The obvious idea is to pin the trinket to a jacket or cardigan, but don’t forget about dresses, blouses, knitted tops, tunics, knitwear, button-downs and waistcoats. Also think about attaching the floral pin to another accessory, like a necklace, scarf, handbag or belt. Plenty of possibilities!

It can be nice to give a floral pin a permanent home, like keeping it on one particular jacket or coat all season. I have a black feathered floral pin that stays put on a black dress. After spending a pretty penny on this timeless sequined flapper frock, it’s the $9 feathered floral pin that gives it the perfect edge. Never underestimate the power of an inexpensive accessory.