We’re half way through this year’s warm weather collections, so let’s analyze what’s been in stores so far.

My rants:

  • Merchandise seems a little more dull than usual: There’s nothing really new and exciting. Aside from accessories and footwear, I haven’t felt compelled to purchase anything (I don’t know whether that’s good or bad). The Spring forecast had me particularly excited about cropped military jackets and the perfect cream biker, but zilch so far. I suspect that retailers are keeping stocks low as a reaction to the recession. I’ll gladly support the economy, but I need a good reason to purchase something.
  • Shortage of one to two inch heeled shoes: It’s the same story, either sky scrapers or flats and nothing in-between. Don’t get me started on the comfort issue.
  • Shortage of washable cotton dresses: Most of the flattering and fabulous dresses are either dry clean only, or in a polyester that does not repel heat. The washable cotton dresses are either too skimpy, short, dowdy or childlike. We need an assortment of hip, wearable, knee–length, age-appropriate casual cotton frocks with coverage in the right places.
  • Shortage of lightweight casual jackets: Loads of trenches, plenty of formal blazers and countless cardigans, but very little else as a cover-up option. I guess it’s not a jacket season. This is fine if you live in warm weather, but not so fab when Spring is chilly.
  • Maxi dress epidemic: They are everywhere and you know how I feel about them.

My raves:

  • Everything is going for a song: I have never seen a fashion season as heavily discounted as this one. So many bargains! I scored another wonderful accessory purchase at the Macy’s one day sale yesterday, marked down 70%.
  • Strong 80’s flair: I can’t help but love that this era is making a stylish comeback. It makes me smile.
  • Deeper assortment of high-rise jeans: This has been a comfortable and girdling saving grace.
  • Sea of green, yellow and turquoise: It’s nice to see how this fresh Summer palette has been embraced by retailers and consumers.
  • Banded tops: This is the only product that has really piqued my interest this season. The banded style is not for everyone because it does not show off the waistline. But it’s definitely worth a try if you like the voluminous look and are self conscious about your mid-section. The right banded style can be comfy, forgiving, interesting and very 80’s.

Over to you. What are your thoughts on the trends and fashions that have been on offer so far? I’m especially interested in your views If you don’t live in America.