So far so good. My inexpensive accessory splurge has made it easy to resist the temptation of purchasing clothing. Instead I have purchased an off-white tote, a yellow spring scarf, a casual necklace, and a turquoise belt with floral detail. Today I am adding a second Spring scarf into the mix.

I get bored of wearing the same types of items in the same ensemble combination day after day. So I switch out the style of my bottoms and tops frequently. For example: in one week I’ll go from wearing jeans and skirts with boots, to sporting frocks and pants with pumps. Mixing it up, plus the addition of a new accessory helps me feel fashionably recharged.

Most tops can accommodate a Spring scarf (if the top has a shirt collar, be sure to wear it inside the collar to avoid looking dowdy). Add to that a variety of scarf shapes, patterns and colours, and the possibilities are endless. A different scarf tied in a different way conveys a totally different mood: from arty and playful, to strict and authoritative. Take your pick.


It’s usually a choice of scarf OR chunky necklace, but I’m wearing both in the bottom two photographs. In these instances the ensemble works because I’m wearing a single layer of clothing and no earrings. If I’d added a necklace to the top two outfits, I’d have lost that clean-cut look. The visual interest of the layering plus the scarf provides ample texture. No necklace required.

The cool, crisp and lightweight integrity of a silk, viscose, rayon or cotton-rich Spring scarf gives it a long lifespan. So don’t restrict this accessory to cold Spring days when it can be comfortably sported over sleeveless tops as temperatures start to rise. Even in hot weather the scarf could be a useful addition in chilly air-conditioned environments.

I bought this scarf from Macy’s and, coincidentally, their online store is running promotions on many of their scarves.