The extended revival of ’80’s fashion over the past few years makes me think that a return of the ’90’s is not far behind. One early indicator: the bottom cleavage that was pioneered in the ’90’s and so popular with celebrities last year is coming back to the mainstream. So it looks like the comfort and girdling-effect of the higher rise may be short lived, soon to be replaced with low rises that are taken to a new extreme.

Personally, I like the look of super low rise pants because bottom cleavage is cute and alluring. It seems more subtle than bosom cleavage and when worn with attitude, it’s totally stylish. If you’re reticent about exposing the cleavage, wear a sweet pair of knickers along with the low rise. They’ll stick out above the waistband, covering the cleavage, and adding an interesting textural dimension to your ensemble.

I’m afraid it’s time to adapt your eyes to the look of bottom cleavage. That’s okay. We’ll be all over the trend before you know it, sporting it with sass and loads of confidence. I’m up for a change and I can’t wait to get a new pair of low rise jeans to start experimenting. Stay tuned on how to put the statement together with class when I model my outfits and post them next week.