Today’s post is written by Patience, a trendy forum member and long time YLF supporter who lives in Austin, Texas. She hit it off with two fellow forum members from Austin and they’ve been friends ever since. The super-stylish trio recently went on a shopping excursion to Dallas and this is what went down (I wish I had been there!).

It is 11:30 at night and I am sitting in the back seat of Ana’s bright yellow car listening to Ana and Sarah talk about everything from movies, body types, and what it means to have a fulfilling career to sour cream desserts, family relationships, and the YLF forum that made our friendship possible. Tonight, I am exhausted but content because we are returning from a marathon day of shopping at the Dallas Galleria, a three hour road trip from Austin.

I first met Ana in person last summer after arranging a lunch date through Angie and the forum. Sarah joined our new YLF shopping group as soon as we realized she was a fellow Austinite. We’ve been getting together at least monthly since then. Mostly for fashion related excursions like shopping at the Domain in Austin, closet clean outs and a clothing swap, but also to celebrate birthdays, see movies and have dinner. I feel so fortunate that we have become such good friends, and our interests go beyond shopping and fashion. I know that an afternoon, an evening or a day spent with Ana and Sarah will be uninterrupted fun.

On one of these outings we planned the trip to Dallas.


The highlight of the trip was visiting stores that we had heard about on the forum. For the first time ever, we shopped at Club Monaco, Zara, and Kate Spade. All three of us found several fashion treats to bring home, but the score of the day was Ana’s red Stuart Weitzman pumps. Sarah found a killer chestnut waist belt at Nordstrom, and Ana forced me to try on a Zara snake print pencil skirt because they didn’t have her size. Surprisingly, the skirt turned out to be my favorite purchase!


Driving home, we talk about how well our styles and personalities compliment each other. Often, we are successfully able to choose things for each other that we would never have dreamed of trying. It’s almost as if our group is able to conjure the spirit of Angie’s fashion stylist expertise.


Thank you, Angie and Greg, for creating YLF and being the catalyst to our great friendship!