Shopping is overwhelming at the best of times, but these five strategies can help you to make excellent wardrobe choices:

  • Make the final decision at home: If you don’t like something in your own mirror, you probably won’t wear it. Be disciplined about returning items that don’t make the grade.
  • Focus on fit, not size: Style is beyond size. Achieve perfect fit instead of fixating on the size tag. Don’t be afraid to have clothing altered if the fit off the rack isn’t perfect.
  • Don’t be swayed by low prices: If you compromise your fit and style standards just because something is inexpensive, you’ll end up with a closet orphan – a waste of money at any price.
  • Spend money on bras, shoes, handbags, watches and spectacles: These are the items that increase your style quotient no matter what. Purchase the best that you can afford and watch their cost-per-wear whittle down to nothing.
  • Find better bargains online where sales are more frequent: Stalk the items that you love, wait for them to go on random one-day sales, punch in a discount coupon code and enjoy your new purchase for much, much less.

On the topic of online bargains, one thing to check out is Boden’s clearance sale. They are marking down last season’s merchandise by up to 70% and this includes some good options for Spring.