About 3000 members, 794 blog posts, 6 gatherings and one television appearance. Wow. I can scarcely believe it’s been three years since Greg and I launched YLF. And we still haven’t missed a weekday post. That gets tricky, especially when you’re at the airport in a different time zone, desperately trying to get a wireless connection and they’re calling you to board.

Greg and I thoroughly enjoy YLF. I love writing my daily posts and helping out on the forum, while Greg gets a kick out of designing, marketing and maintaining the site. It’s a pursuit that’s close to our hearts and we love working on it together.

If you’re a long time YLF supporter, you know the drill. We like to celebrate the anniversary by reflecting on the activity of our readers and the things we enjoyed the most. Here are the 10 posts that received the most comments over the last year:

I enjoy writing all of my posts, but over the last year I’ve particularly enjoyed writing about the following topics:

  • Global style and fashion: We love to travel and share our style experiences with you.
  • The psychological aspects of individual style: Looking good has an impact on how we feel and vice versa. In the name of fashion therapy I like to explore those feelings.
  • A tried and tested item: I enjoy passing on information on a specific item that’s a winner for us all.
  • Upcoming trends: Reporting in this way reminds me of my fashion buying and trend consulting days (I sometimes miss those).
  • The best and worst of a season: Again, this reminds me of my buying days. It’s nice to add a retail perspective to the style equation.
  • Accessories: This is the first year that we’ve added pictures of my outfits to the site in an effort to demonstrate the power of accessories. It’s such fun to work with my in-house photographer and see Rosie and Jasmine get in on the action.

Visually, we enjoyed the entries with beautiful photographs the most, such as the posts on YLF gatherings, clothing swaps and international experiences like Anne Fontaine, Shell pearls from Hong Kong and the Dr. Martens Revival. But my absolute favourite blog post of all time is this one. The furry little blog star decided all on her own to join the photo shoot. The picture makes my heart melt. I can barely stand it.


A big thank you to all our subscribers, forum members, daily readers and occasional visitors for making the YLF community what it is today. A special thank you to our guest bloggers for adding a classy and entertaining dimension to our site. Your valuable contribution is much appreciated and it would not be the same without you. Keep rocking your style and cheers to another fabulous year!