I’m not a fan of corduroy pants. They look masculine and it doesn’t take long for them to start looking worn. They also develop protruding “knees and bottoms” that you can live without. Then there is their “iridescent carpet” effect. You won’t convince me that wide-waled, corduroy trousers look nice on women. They are a stylish no-no. Five pocket jeans in narrow-waled corduroy are closer, but still no cigar.

A pair of jeans in a dark colour like blue, black, charcoal or cream looks infinitely better than corduroy in any ensemble. The argument that corduroy feels warmer than denim and therefore perfect for cold weather is interesting because both fabrics are 95 – 100% cotton. (I have yet to come across a pair of cords with a wool content). But corduroy is softer and cozier than denim which might offer the illusion of extra warmth.

I can manage to get my head around a pair of cream, ultra narrow–waled corduroy pants that are cut like jeans because they look more feminine and aren’t iridescent. But the J. Crew cream version that’s available in stores right now is thin and see-through, so bang goes that idea. Tory Burch has a beautiful cream pair, but $200 is steep for a pair of casual cords.

I’m not dead set against corduroy fabric. I’m all for corduroy skirts and cheeky cord jackets as long as the wale is narrow and the styling is pretty. These are items that are undoubtedly feminine. The look is casual, a little boho and a wee bit rugged in a wonderful way.

One last fact about corduroy pants. They are smarter than sweats, but more casual than a pair of dark wash jeans. Corduroy pants are NOT a business casual option. If your colleagues are wearing cords to work because they’re not allowed to wear jeans, help them out. They’re actually a lot more casual than they thought they were.

Bring on the corduroy debate. I know many of you love cord pants and will continue to wear them. I’m going to be hard to sway, but as Frasier would say, “I’m listening”.

Stretch Vintage Matchstick Cord Corduroy Double Pocket JacketStretch Vintage Cord Skirt

The model on the left is wearing a pair of charcoal grey, skinny corduroy pants. The ensemble looks fab because the pant fabric looks more like grey denim or stretch velour. It’s hard to see that these pants are waled. The green jacket and yellow skirt are lovely items to have in corduroy, and especially nice when paired with denim.