Fashion designer and style icon Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (1883-1971) revolutionized women’s fashion. It was her daring 1930’s trouser designs that made pants and pant suits a stylish, everyday alternative for lasses like us. Coco Chanel gave us the freedom to wear pants.

I can’t imagine my wardrobe without jeans, pants and cropped pants. They are the quintessential practical solution. As much as I like to throw dresses and skirts into the mix, I’m in pants more often. It’s probably a 70:30 split in favour of pants. The ratio might be closer to 50:50 if the weather co-operated. I wear skirts more frequently in Autumn and Winter because I can match them with hose and knee-high boots.

I have friends and clients who prefer to wear skirts and dresses. In fact, some of them never wear pants or jeans. My impression is that they are in the minority. What’s your ratio? I’ll bet most of you wear pants, jeans and cropped pants more often than skirts and dresses. Surprise me.


The cover on the left shows Coco Chanel inspired trouser designs. They’re a little short in length, but I’ll cut Coco some slack. I’m grateful she liberated women’s fashion. I enjoyed the biography of Coco Chanel on the right. Although I appreciate many different design houses, Chanel has always been my favourite. Also, Coco and I share the same obsession for pearls.