My look always feels instantly refreshed with the addition of a new handbag, necklace or pair of shoes, which is why the accessory and footwear departments are the first area I visit as the new retail season unfolds. I seldom come home with new footwear because finding fab shoes is a tall order, but I usually do come home with other accessories.

I was particularly excited last week when I purchased two pieces that were out of my comfort zone and new for my style and wardrobe.

  • Bracelet: I have never, ever worn a bracelet before last week. I like the look of statement bracelets, cuffs and bangles on others, but steered away from the look myself because I thought that the chunky styles I preferred would be too heavy and wouldn’t work on my dainty wrists. I also worried that they would get in the way when I worked. I was wrong. Now that I’ve found the perfect bracelet, I can’t stop wearing it. I was instantly attracted to this style because it reminded me of a necklace that I love. My new Chanel-esque bracelet is as light as a feather, fits well and adds textural interest to my outfits. Love it.
  • Wristlet: This style of bag never appealed to me because I didn’t want to dangle something from my sensitive wrists or clutch it in my hand. But the colours of this wristlet launched me into orbit and forced me to give it a bash. To my surprise, it worked. It helps that it’s roomy and that I keep the contents of my handbag to a minimum. At first I thought I’d sport a wristlet at night only, but it’s coming out on work days and I’ve been comfortable wearing it. It’s not cumbersome and my wrists feel fine, even with the bracelet.

It’s the same story ladies. You’ll never know whether something will work until you actually try it . You change and items change. Wristlets and chunky bracelets are by no means new, but they are completely new for me. I’m excited to give my flat totes and necklaces a break for a while in favour of these items. They have successfully popped my existing clothes into the next season. I feel fashionably recharged.


My new bracelet was cheap as chips. I found it on sale at Macys for $20 whilst shopping with a client who bought one too. The green snakeskin wristlet was on sale at Club Monaco with an additional 30% off for the day. Wins for both my style and my pocket.