I like and wear everything in my wardrobe because it fits and flatters in the very best way (it’s imperative that I practice what I preach!). But there are items that I seldom wear, simply because I like them less than other items. They don’t look bad, they just rank last on my list of favourites.

  • Wide-legged jeans: I have two pairs. One in dark denim and one in a pinstripe denim with cuffs. They are dramatic and fun but I’m not as drawn to them as I thought I would be. I prefer the sleekness of skinnies, straight-legs and boot cuts. These silhouettes make me feel extra fabulous, whereas wide-legs don’t. I’m becoming increasingly wary of wide-legged pants.
  • Cocktail rings: I have a super collection of cocktail rings. Both semi-precious stones and pearls. I use to wear a cocktail ring every day, but stopped when I encountered problems with my wrists. My wrists improved and I am now out of the habit. I hope to get my head around this soon.
  • Halter neck dress: I have a graphic black and cream, polka dot, low-waisted halter neck dress that blousons on the bodice and looks smashing. But it has to be 95 degrees plus for me to wear it on its own and it doesn’t look good with a cover-up. I live in Seattle and seldom frequent warm weather places. So this poor old dress decorates my closet between heat waves.
  • Kelly green camisole: I adore the colour, but always seem to find that another colour looks better when I try to integrate it into an outfit. My ensemble tends to look Christmassy when I wear it. Perhaps I’ll find the right companion piece at some point. In the mean time it can keep my other camis company.

What are the least favourite items in your wardrobe and why?