I love everything in my wardrobe, but do have favourites. These are the items that make me feel extra special when I put them on. Some of these items are worn daily, whereas others are worn weekly, monthly or a few times a year. They are extremely versatile and I’d really miss them if they were gone.

  • My footwear collection. I do not have loads of shoes, but I am proud of the pairs I own. It took a great deal of time, patience, discipline and expense to accommodate my fussy feet.
  • Black sateen trench. This item is machine washable and travels with me everywhere. It’s perfect with jeans and Converse, and takes me straight to a formal function over a cocktail dress at night. Brilliant.
  • Cream trench. I could put this item over pajamas and I’d look fab. It makes a bold statement and I feel uber chic, funky and feminine when I wear it.
  • Specs. I have 2 pairs of cat-eye specs that I swap daily. The one is bulky and fun, and the other is streamlined and sophisticated. My ensembles are naked without my specs (and I couldn’t see without them).
  • Diesel jeans. I duplicated my ink blue, straight-leg jeans because they are fabulous in every way. They can be dressed up or down and worn with most heel heights. They do not bleed, rub or grow. I should have bought a third pair.
  • Suit. I don’t wear my black baby pinstripe pants suit often, but I thoroughly enjoy wearing it when I do. I dress it up in funky ways, which makes all the difference. An Edwardian collared chiffon blouse that’s belted at the waist works beautifully under the jacket when it’s matched with red chunky patent round-toe heels and faux zebra skin clutch.
  • Pearl necklace collection. I collect all sorts of necklaces with pearls in them. Short, long, funky, retro, modern, vintage, fine, chunky, plastic and classic. You name it, I’ve got it. These necklaces complete my look every day.

I hold a special place in my heart for tunics, jackets and handbags, but they didn’t quite make the cut. I’d love to hear your wardrobe favourites. As with the preferred shopping categories, I expect to see a lot of variation in your lists.