The site was looking a little cluttered after the addition of the store area on the right, so we fast-tracked a visual refresh that was already underway. Hopefully you’ll find that things flow a little better with the updated design.

We also used the opportunity to make a few changes to the forum. Most importantly, we added two new areas:

  1. Your Body Type: This is a place to talk about your body type. How do you fit into the various classifications? Are there general rules you can follow when selecting items and putting together ensembles? Every body is unique, but there are also definitely shared attributes and lots of opportunities to share advice and experiences.
  2. What You Wore Today: People were so excited by this topic that we thought we’d give it a home of its own. So if you don’t have your own site for posting your daily outfit (like Kasmira’s excellent blog), then you can do so here. Even if you do have your own site, feel free to post links on our forum. Please post each new outfit (or group of outfits) separately, and try to use a descriptive title.

We retired the poor old “Fashion Industry” area because it wasn’t getting much traffic, but all of its posts are still available under “Everything Else”. If you have any feedback, or problems that you would like to report, go ahead and use our brand new contact form.

The YLF forum is, as we say, going like a Boeing. A big thank you to existing forum members and a warm welcome to newbies. Your articulate, informative and passionate conversations increase the style quotient of this site.