Our wardrobe is one of the first places to be affected by the worldwide downturn, which makes super savvy, cost saving purchasing decisions a must. Here are 10 ways to stretch your style budget:

  1. Create new outfit combinations with existing clothes: What we need is sufficient change to feel that we’ve added seasonal luster to our wardrobe. Often, this change can be achieved by mixing and matching new combinations with our current clothing and footwear inventory.
  2. Have a clothes swap party: gather your friends and swap clothes, footwear and accessories for free. Make it a potluck and have girly occasion.
  3. Borrow and lend accessories: I lend costume jewelry, accessories and handbags to friends to complete an outfit for an occasion to save them the extra expense. If you and your friends are comfortable with this arrangement, it can be fun and thrifty.
  4. Browse through consignment stores: These purchases are either hit or miss. But the more you frequent second-hand clothing stores, the higher your chances are of bringing home treasures that are as cheap as chips.
  5. Purchase the cherry on top: Shoes, handbags, scarves, belts and costume jewelry do wonders to refresh a look. If you have the basics covered, you’ll look current by adding only these items to your wardrobe mix.
  6. Search for discount codes and printable store discount coupons: these are available online if you do a search.
  7. Shop at off-price sites: bluefly (I’ve become an addict), smart bargains, 6pm and eBay are great sites for bargains.
  8. Wait for items to go on sale: retailers will markdown merchandise more frequently when store business is soft. You’ll score if you can hold out untill an item is reduced.
  9. Shop at The Rack: Nordstrom owns its own discounted retail outlet called “the Nordstrom Rack”. Same season Nordstrom merchandise finds its way to the Rack marked down 60% or more (designer merchandise included).
  10. Buy one statement piece and wear it all season: this is my favourite budget stretching strategy. There’s nothing like a dramatic new jacket, coat, skirt, scarf, pair of boots, shoes, earrings, brooch or necklace to make you feel your best. Blow your budget on one fabulous item and sport it till the cows come home.

There are many other ways to expand our wardrobe budgets and I’m sure that you are brimming with ideas. Let’s hear them in the comments.