Shanghai Tang is an upscale Hong Kong store that epitomizes fusion. Its offerings combine ancient Chinese designs with a contemporary and often humourous Western flavour. Other than ready-made and tailor-made apparel for men, women and children, Shanghai Tang also offers a wide selection of trendy home furnishings and gifts. With gleaming antique wooden furniture, modern artwork and pristinely presented sales staff, it’s a beautiful and very colourful store that’s well worth a visit just for its aesthetic integrity.


On our recent trip to my favourite city, Phoebe and I went to Shanghai Tang and perused their racks of exquisitely embroidered and superbly made, embellished clothing. We gasped at knitwear and handbags that were trimmed with jade and dresses that were sewn with gold thread (quite the laundry challenge). Their homeware area was rich with handmade silk-covered photo albums, silver plated dim-sum baskets, ornate chopsticks, vibrant picture frames and arty porcelain jewelry boxes. Shanghai Tang also offers a revolutionary line of watches and accessories with Chairman Mao’s image. Super funky.


As much as I’d like to have come home with a luxurious statement Shanghai Tang piece, it wasn’t on the cards. But their menswear range was fab and a lot more affordable. Greg came home with a hip top that he’s already worn several times. My gift was the cheerful pink and green shopping bag it was packaged in. The colours match our site.

That’s all for the Hong Kong series folks. We thoroughly enjoyed presenting these posts and hope that you enjoyed traveling with us. Stay tuned for the next global encounter.


Shanghai Tang was founded in 1994 by a Hong Kong businessman and now also has stores in Shanghai, New York, Paris, London and Singapore.