I love the look of gladiator sandals and I’m envious of the lasses that wear them so effortlessly. But gladiators were not an option for my feet. No matter how hard I tried, I could never find sandals that were comfortable. Straps would cut into my skin and rub blisters after half an hour no matter what. So two years ago I made a decision to stop wearing sandals.

That changed last week when I stumbled across the “Brulee” sandal by British footwear brand Clarks. My sandal prayers were answered. Soft, soft, soft straps, elastic strap inserts, a cushioning and shock absorbing foot bed and roomy toe box. Add the one-inch, utterly adorable little cork wedge heel and mainstream gladiator look and you have a phenomenal sandal.

It’s still too cold to put this sandal through its paces (ideally, they need an 8-hour shopping day test run), but I did wear them around my heated home for three hours, occasionally charging up and down the stairs running after Rosie and Jasmine. They felt really good so I have high hopes that they will make it to the 6 to 8 hour mark. Unbelievable.

Indigo by Clarks Brulee Champagne LeatherIndigo by Clarks Brulee Pewter Metallic LeatherIndigo by Clarks Brulee White Leather

This sandal is also available in patent leather that is not nearly as soft as the colour options shown above. Remember that you’ll be able to stretch the toe box if it’s too snug because the leather is buttery. An expensive sandal at $90, but it’s better to have one pair of perfect sandals than three cheaper pairs that don’t go the distance.