Welcome! I’m Angie Cox and I’m a fashion stylist. I co-created youlookfab.com to break down the complex subject of fashion and style into bite size pieces that you can apply every day. We also have an active forum where you can post questions about fashion and style and receive helpful advice from a supportive community.

YLF covers a wide range of topics and after almost three years of activity there are a large set of archives to navigate. Here are some starting points to make that a little easier.


There are more than 50 categories of blog posts (see the sidebar on the right), but body type, instant style tips, individual style, color and closet organization are some of the more important ones.

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Judging by the comments they generated, here are some of the most popular blog posts:

Posts on flop proof outfits have also been particularly popular:

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Look good, feel fabulous!

This site is for everyone because having a sense of style and looking good is within everyone’s grasp. Style is not an age, budget or dress size. It’s something that can be learnt once you understand what flatters your body and works for your lifestyle. My life is dedicated to helping people to increase their style quotient in effortless and practical ways because looking good makes you feel fabulous. Who doesn’t want to feel fabulous? And when you feel fabulous, you look even better.