This is the season for everything styled “the boyfriend” way. Boyfriend cardigans, jeans and watches are now joined by the boyfriend blazer, and that’s as 80’s inspired as it gets. This style should be familiar to anyone who was a teenager or adult during the mid to late 80’s, because it was the look of the decade (for men too).

Most modern pieces with an 80’s influence have been redesigned to look more flattering, but aside from a softer shoulder the boyfriend blazer is largely unchanged. It is oversized and longer in length with prominent shoulders and narrow lapels (many of the styles actually have shoulder pads). The silhouette is untailored and pretty baggy all over. The break line of the jacket is low, which makes the buttons fasten low on the torso. The sleeves are rolled or scrunched up to the elbow to show off contrast lining. I’ve seen lots of contrast pinstripe linings so far, but no paisleys like we had in 1985.

I was instantly attracted to the boyfriend blazer because I associate the look with hip and cool teenage years listening to Duran Duran and Depeche mode. Thinking back to that time makes me smile. But the unstructured integrity of the style is not instantly flattering because it hides the waist and encourages a sloppy shoulder line. Nevertheless, I believe that the right boyfriend blazer can look stylish, retro and arty if it’s worn with tailored basics like great jeans, a button down shirt or graphic T and a feminine shoe.

My guess is that it will take a while for people to re-adapt their eyes to the baggy jacket look, if they do so at all. Most of us are conditioned to feeling fabulous in a perfectly fitting and flop proof structured jacket that shows off the waistline. Have your eyes adapted?

Boyfriend BlazerTravis Jacket Aqua Boyfriend Jacket with Stripe CuffsAqua Boyfriend Jacket with Stripe Cuffs

An assortment of unstructured boyfriend blazers that are just as roomy at the back as they are from the front. I have a strong preference for this look with the contrast lining on the sleeves because it adds textured interest to the style. It’s a deal breaker without it.