It’s “boyfriend” everything at the moment. First the cardigan and now the jeans, thanks to Katie Holmes and her stylist. With the new “boyfriend jean” the shape of denim has expanded beyond the four main silhouettes (skinny, straight, boot cut and wide-leg) for 2009.

Boyfriend jeans are supposed to look baggy, worn and distressed, although some versions are less so. The style is usually rolled up at the hem and worn with heels for a final feminine touch. The look reminds me a little of when us gals wore men’s Levis 501’s in the 80’s. Baggy crotches, turned up hems and belted waistbands were so in back then. The look has been revived and updated. Celebrities in Hollywood are all over the trend.

The style can be adorable worn with flats or a small heel on a preteen and teenager. They seem like an arty, hip and cool expression for that age group. Cute (don’t shoot me, Mums). But for anyone older I vote for giving this trend a miss. Maybe I’m getting old, but I am so over ripped jeans of any description. It’s not a stylish look. How do you vote?

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