Cheeky, cropped cardigans are everywhere and were extremely popular on the streets of Paris. They make my must-have list this season as an indispensable, versatile, feminine layering piece. I get cold easily and having a few different styles and colours that I can pop over virtually anything has been a good investment.

But I’m onto something new (new for me the look has been fringe fashion for a year now): the ‘80’s-inspired tubular tunic cardigan. In the ‘80’s we used to call them “grandpas” and shoved in shoulder pads for an extra boxy look (sad, but true). They’re called “boyfriend cardigans” this time around, sans les shoulder pads, and a little more fitted for shape.

I originally noticed the look in Barcelona and Paris, but it was a question of finding the right piece. Once I had, I was sold. I love the casual appeal of this garment. I wear my black version over a citron camisole with a (narrow or wide) waist–cinching belt and white or blue jeans. Keep the length of the cardigan a little shorter if you’re petite. It’s best to find a style that’s fairly fitted on the torso area and straight, rather than tapered in silhouette.

If you like a sleek profile, this look is definitely worth a bash.

Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan & Riding PantsCashmere Cardigan, Luxe Top & Knit Skinny PantsSplendid Long Supima® & Modal CardiganPetite Cotton Long Ribbed CardiganShort-Sleeve Swing CardiganRoma Accessories 'Rio' Skinny Croc Embossed Belt

I recently had a similar tubular tunic cardigan on a beautiful, ultra-stylish client who is in her late 60’s. The cardigan was black, with three-quarter sleeves and patch pockets. We completed the look with a broad safari-inspired belt, white jeans, black shoes and black patent handbag. She looked and felt perfect.