It’s true. The Fall 2009 collections on the runway at Fashion Week are full of outfits showcasing shoulder pads. This brings back all sorts of memories for those of us who wore them in the 80’s.

But the shoulder-pad trend that’s on the runways at the moment is different to the looks we coveted back in the days of Dynasty. The aesthetic is more sculptured and streamlined. It’s as if the modern shoulder pad is molded into the design and fabric of the garment. Sort of space-age looking. Back in 1983, you shoved huge spongy triangular shoulder pads under the shoulder seams of an oversized top and you could often see the actual outline of the pads. I remember thinking that I looked and felt slimmer in the waist and hips when my shoulders were all padded up, which is why I wore multiple shoulder pads under one garment.

I’m pretty sure that shoulder pads will find their way back into clothing. In fact, I saw a longer length 80’s style blazer with one-inch shoulder pads at Club Monaco yesterday. The effect was subtle but definitely there. Whether shoulder pads make it back into mainstream fashion remains to be seen. But the next question is whether you’ll wear the look if it does make a comeback. Before you answer, think back to how you vowed you would NEVER wear skinny jeans again. I was one of those people. Now I wear skinny jeans all the time. So maybe shoulder pads are in my future after all. Time will tell.