This question must really be answered separately for work and non-work situations.

Cleavage in the workplace

I think it’s wise to err on the conservative side in a professional setting. So I’m going with a strict rule of no cleavage in the work place. Depending on your line of work, your outfit does not need to be conservative. You can absolutely sport a dramatic and eye-catching style without showing loads of skin. But it’s often hard to cover up all hints of cleavage when you’re well endowed. A busty lass needs to wear a low-ish neckline and even with a camisole it’s not always possible to cover cleavage completely. But as long as there is a respectable camisole under a low top, you’ve tried and that’s acceptable. (If you’re a model, showing cleavage is actually part of your job, so I guess you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do).

Cleavage outside the workplace

This is a hard one and I still don’t have a definitive answer. Cleavage is fabulous, but how much is the right amount before it’s bad taste? Women with smaller busts and athletic, boyish physiques seem to get away with showing more skin in the chest area, whereas curvier woman with larger bust lines tend to look “va-va voom” and unintentionally alluring much faster. Some non-work settings are also more cleavage appropriate than others. I think that the rest of your style plays a role when it comes to sporting any amount of cleavage. If you’re polished, well-put together, effortlessly stylish and super confident, you’ll probably make a good amount of cleavage look classy.

What do you think? Am I a prude when it comes to sporting cleavage in professional settings? What are your rules for revealing cleavage outside the workplace? I hope to hear from people all over the world because I’m pretty sure our views will differ.