I don’t stop wearing black clothing, footwear and accessories in warm weather, but I do like to wear these items in different ways so that I feel seasonally refreshed. It’s all about adding enough contrasting white and/or colour to the ensemble to make it feel more Summery:

  • Match black tops and jackets with white jeans, a white skirt or clamdiggers.
  • Freshen up a look with a white camisole under a black top.
  • Add a white or colourful jacket, handbag or shoes to a black top worn over blue jeans, a denim skirt or slacks.
  • Throw a bright contrasting belt over a black top or frock to liven up the look.
  • Combine black bottoms with a white or colourful top and metallic, bright or grey shoes.
  • Combine black flats with white jeans, Summery dresses/skirts and black leggings.
  • Complement black clothing items with bold (non-black) necklaces, earrings, cuffs, specs or watches. This could mean anything from a chunky string of pearly beads and red earrings, to an earthy chestnut brown necklace, green watch and Lucite bracelet.

Some people are happy to sport black in dark, monochromatic and textured ways in warm weather, but that feels too Autumn and Winter for me. Theoretically, whites and brights also reflect more light and are therefore cooler under direct sunlight. How do you feel about wearing black when temperatures soar?

Jersey Tank TopWide-Waistband Bermuda ShortsSleeveless Grommeted TunicBlack Lace Peasant Top