Metallic wedges, sandals and pumps are an easy “go to” option for warm weather dressing. They’re neutral, light in colour and very versatile. We’ve also talked about grey patent making a nice alternative to black and brown shoes in Autumn and Winter. But what I’m most into at the moment is dove grey, non-patent footwear. New, no shine and lots of edge.

This colour might look blah and boring at first glance but don’t let that put you off. It’s a pretty fabulous look once you know how to work it into an ensemble. Definitely not as cheerful as a bright colour, but super sophisticated and just as fun. Dove grey peds work well with a pair of white, cream, or light grey pair of pants, and any wash of denim. I also like to sport mine with leggings, black pinstriped slacks and a denim skirt. I’m totally hooked.

You won’t find many MATTE dove grey shoes around at the moment because stores are still on metallic and patent overload. If the trend does not make it to mainstream fashion, that’s fine too. It will stay fringe and I’ll enjoy it just as much.

Wanted Drape'Bella' Huarache PlatformFLY London Women's Vidal Pump

I have the dove grey pumps with the white piping and they’re my favorite peds for Spring (the brand is called “Fly London” and their range is well worth a look). It’s nice to give my metallic wedges and patent flats a break and sport the matte look for a change.