Three seasons along and still going strong, wedges continue to make a huge fashion statement in America. They aren’t as popular in Europe for some reason (this has been my experience in Paris, Barcelona and London).

You’ll get away with wearing one style of wedge with most of your Spring and Summer outfits if you choose wisely. Here are key characteristics to consider if you’re looking for one wedge to woo them all:

  • Heel height: Select a height that’s manageable for you.
  • Shoe colour: Keep the colour metallic, cream, off-white or a shade of tan. Don’t choose black. This is heavy for warm weather and won’t look as fresh and Summery as a lighter colour.
  • Heel colour: Make sure the heel is in a light colour too. A contrasting black or dark brown heel has the same “heavy-looking” effect. Wood, cork, wicker or self-fabric are good options.
  • Style: Opt for a refined style as opposed to anything clumpy. That way you can wear the wedge with dresses and skirts as well.

Add a pretty pedicure and Bob’s your uncle. You’ve got a flop-proof Summer shoe that matches almost anything.

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There is loads of variety when it comes to this type of wedge. Select a ped that matches your style and make it your “go to” and fall back option for warm weather dressing.