A long, floaty and printed maxi (or “patio”) day dress worn with flat gladiator sandals is the “it” look for frocks in Paris stores this season. The silhouette is less popular in US stores, but you’ll find one or two of these dresses in most dress departments.

The idea is that you wear this ensemble mix casually. I didn’t like this look in the ‘70’s and I don’t like it today. No matter how casual the fabric and style, there is something about an ankle length dress that screams “fancy evening event”. They look clumsy and inappropriate (and the excess fabric gets in the way). You need to be tall to pull off the look, and even then, a shorter hemline looks better.

I might be more partial to the look if I was a boho girl at heart. How about you? Will you be wearing the maxi dress this season?

Floral Cinched Gown Printed Poppy Patio Dress Silk Halter Patio Dress Voile Patio Dress

Raise your hemline for casual occasions and reserve ankle length dresses for evening black tie events.