When denim button down shirts started resurfacing in prêt-à-porter collections, I thought, you’ve GOT to be joking. But the penny dropped five minutes later as I saw a whole slew of outfit combinations before me. Now I can’t wait to add the worn looking item back into my wardrobe.

Denim shirts have been around for decades and most of us have probably worn them at some point in our lives. Remember the Levi’s version with the press stud buttons that was “it” in the early 90’s? I had one of those and loved wearing it open with black 501’s, a lace camisole and Docs. I don’t want to wear a denim shirt in that way again, but I like the idea of creating a dressier vibe with a similar denim shirt.

Picture this:

Denim shirt rolled up at the sleeves + lace camisole + dressy black skirt + black patent obi belt + refined textured hose + dressy heels and chunky pearls

I love to create contrast in my ensembles. Not only with colour, but also by mixing different levels of dressiness. As I write this I’m wearing a dressy, sea green, shantung blouse over a casual pair of denim clamdiggers, matched with a skinny, studded, black double wrap belt. It’s the same idea as pairing a rigid biker jacket with a soft feminine scarf, casual Converse with luxurious white pearls, or a sophisticated black sheath with a worn out webbing belt.

As soon as I find a denim shirt that works, I’ll post the looks I have in mind. Better yet, if you have the elements in your wardrobe, post a picture of your remixed denim shirt combinations on our forum as inspiration. So ladies, are you as excited as I am about giving a denim shirt new life?

Sanctuary Sadie Chambray in Faded Denim Current/Elliott The Perfect Denim Shirticon

Ignore the prices of these designer examples. I posted them so you can see what’s in the fashion pipeline. You can thrift a suitable denim shirt for $15 and achieve a fabulous remixed look.