In American English a jumper is a sleeveless, collarless dress that you wear over a blouse, shirt or knitted top. In British English, a jumper is a pullover, or what Americans call a sweater. South Africans call this a jersey (and use “sweater” to describe a knitted long sleeved T). I call an American jumper a pinafore, and have a love-hate relationship with the item after being forced to wear one as part of a school uniform for 12 years.

When I used the word “pinafore” in the States I got blank stares. I used the word “jumper”, meaning sweater, and got equally confused looks. But I can’t get used to the American usage because a jumper will always be an item of knitwear in my mind. So, I now use “dress” when I mean pinafore. I use the words “pullover” and “cardigan” when I’m referring to knitwear. I keep the word “jumper” for home.