Almost there! Today we tackle the 8th of my 10 casual outfit formulas for Mums and gals on the go (refresh your memories with formulas #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 #6 and #7). This formula is all about pairing boots with short length pants like walk shorts and clamdiggers. This look is a little more daring and creative, but entirely sweet and arty when the components of the ensemble work in harmony:

Clamdiggers + long sleeved T + scarf + tall boots

I first saw clamdiggers (or shorts) and tall boots worn by funky lasses of all ages in Hong Kong (the photos below were taken in December of 2006). I was immediately inspired and have been sporting the look ever since. I don’t know why, but wearing this formula makes me feel mischievous. Sort of like a naughty schoolgirl. Crazy.

Shorts and Boots in Hong Kong (2006)

I wear this formula at the start of Autumn when I break out my boots, and at the start of a chilly Spring when I’m still wearing boots. The outfit combination isn’t warm enough for a Seattle Winter, but it’s perfect for mild Winter days. The added advantages are that short length pants double duty in cooler weather, and that tall boots are easier to slip on because it eliminates tucking fuss.

Here are the components in more detail:

  • Clamdiggers: You’ll need slim cut denim clamdiggers or winter weight walk shorts, preferably in a tweed , heavy weight twill, denim or wool. The length of the pants should hit somewhere between the top and the bottom of the knee cap. Roll the pants up a little if they’re longer. Showing skin between the top of the boots and the bottom of the shorts is fine and just a different type of look. Go with your aesthetic preference.
  • Long-sleeved T: Any top that works with a scarf is good. A solid layering T is a great backdrop for a patterned scarf, but you don’t need to stick to basic T styling either. Banded tunic styles, empire cuts and wrap styles are more interesting alternatives. Button down shirts and crew, turtle and V-neck knitwear will also work. You can even switch the solid and pattern mix around by wearing a patterned top and solid scarf. Think boyfriend blazer, trench coat, cropped coat, biker/plaid/military jacket, or one of the new look, longer length cardigans for the next layer.
  • Scarf: Versatile wrap-style scarves are my top pick because they look great both indoors and outdoors. Silky scarves are just as fab, but not as casual. Neckerchieves are harder to wear but look good on long necks. For an instantly flattering look, tie scarves vertically with a loop knot, muffler style, or with the Angie knot.
  • Tall boots: Choose knee-high and mid-calf boots that are either flat, wedged or low heeled. Mid-calf boots tend to look better with shorter walk shorts because it balances out proportions. The world is your oyster when it comes to the aesthetic of the boots. From riding boots and slouch styles, to biker boots, cowboy looks and 20 eyelet Doc Martens. Take your pick.

And the accessories:

  • Hose: I prefer this look sans hose because it’s cleaner and more sophisticated that way. But hose is not a no-no here so feel free to experiment.
  • Handbag: A flat tote or cross body bag will do the trick.
  • Other accessories: Your specs and watch are the most important accessories on your body so attend to those first if you wear them. Consider a necklace if you’d prefer it to a scarf, and bangles make a nice change too. Small earrings are a finishing touch but not a necessity.

And now some examples. The first is a neutral modern-classic interpretation, while the second is more trendy and urban. Remember that this is a formula, so you can substitute the items in the visuals for those that that are more to your taste. Note that you can click on the pictures to find details about individual items in Polyvore, but take the specific items I chose with a grain of salt. I selected them purely based on what was easily available and what made the right visual impact.

Neutral Modern Classic:

Modern Classic

Trendy & Urban:

Trendy & Urban

So Mums and gals on the go, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this formula. Too daring? Think you’ll give it a bash? You aren’t allowed to say no until you’ve tried it out!