I have a repressed teenage dream. A pair of boots. I’m not sure whether this brand meant anything in America, but rubber-soled and yellow-stitched, British Doc Martens were big in the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s in my neck of the woods. I owned a few of their less masculine looking shoes and lived in them for years. They matched everything in my wardrobe and felt like slippers.

But the Docs I truly wanted were off limits. I had my heart set on the 20 eyelet, classic knee-high black boot, but my mother thought they were absolutely hideous. Punks and goths owned this trend and there was no way Mum was going to approve the look for her wholesome daughter. Her stylish approval meant the world to me and I restrained myself from purchasing the boots of my dreams.

Now the Docs of my dreams are in my closet awaiting their Autumn debut (sorry Mum). I am champing at the bit to wear them. I love adding a hardcore edge to a feminine look. I can see them under my eclectic grey tartan skirt with an Anne Fontaine blouse, cropped biker jacket and chunky pearls. Or with tucked-in jeans, black turtle neck, red jacket and citron scarf. Throw in tweed and a ruffled top and it’s Equestrian all the way. My wardrobe possibilities for these boots are endless.

Do you have an inner fashion persona that needs to come out and influence your wardrobe, or a long standing fashion dream that you can finally fulfill?

Dr. Martens 20 Eye Zip Boot

The best features of these casual boots are their sturdy waterproof sole and high comfort level. They are perfect for traipsing around in Seattle rain. I’m thrilled that this British brand is back in my life.