Scarves can look dowdy and uniform-like. The trick is to add a bit of edge to your look when sporting a scarf, and the knot is one way to do this. I often tie my scarf using a knot that I arrived at after ages of fiddling in front of the mirror one day. I call it the “Angie Knot”, but if it has a real name please let me know – I’m sure I’m not the first to use it.

I generally stay away from skinny oblong scarves and neckerchiefs because the shapes don’t offer enough volume and texture. My favourite scarf dimensions are 40 by 66 inches for a pashmina sized scarf, 23 by 60 inches for a large oblong scarf, and 34 by 34 inches for a large square scarf. Anything longer than 60 inches is usually too long unless you’re very tall. On the other hand, if you’re petite, you’re after a shorter scarf between 40 and 50 inches long. These are a little harder to find and you might need to hem the length.

Follow these steps to tie the Angie Knot:


  1. Roll a large square scarf into a long worm, or scrunch up a rectangular scarf so that it resembles a worm. Place the scarf around the neck so that the side that does all the work hangs longer than the other side. You can also skew the scarf so that the hems are uneven. This will give you this waterfall effect. Fold right over left and pull that same right end back under the end that’s hanging in front of your body.
  2. Take that same right end and loop it through the part of the scarf that’s around your neck and ABOVE the knot.
  3. Pull down that right end and use the knot as a pulley to pull the knot vertically so that the knot looks tight, neat and appealing. This is the most important part, so fiddle till you get it right.
  4. Lay both ends flat across the body, making sure that the ends are more or less even. Voila!

This style of knot works well with all sorts of fabrications, from wool, satin and rayon, to silk, viscose and cotton. The scarf stays put once it’s tied and is interesting to look at. Wear the scarf “cravat style” for a strict, professional and authoritative look, or wear it loosely on the décolletage for an arty and playful vibe. I sport both looks depending on my mood and the weather. With the warm Spring weather, I’ll be tying my cotton and silk scarf with a loose knot.


For a strict, authoritative look, roll a smaller scarf neatly before tying the knot, tie the knot close to the neck, and tuck the ends under your blouse or button down afterwards.