Unless we have company I wear comfy slippers at home most of the time. The soles of my feet get sore and cold if I go barefoot on our hard wooden floors for any length of time. Plus I’m prone to stubbing my toes. So as soon as I’m inside, I take off my shoes and pop on my slippers.

Soft, boiled wool mule slippers with plenty of structure and a sturdy sole are my preferred style of home footwear. I don’t like fluffy slippers with soft bottoms because they slide around as you walk, plus my feet feel like they’re suffocating in all that fluff. I prefer the warmth and coziness of a slipper as opposed to a proper house shoe like a Birkenstock.

But each to their own. I have plenty of friends and family who prefer to wear a proper house shoe instead of soft slippers. And others that don’t change shoes at all when they arrive home.

What’s your footwear style when you’re at home? Do you like to wear slippers? Or do you prefer house shoes, or going barefoot? Perhaps you wear flip flops, or keep on the shoes that you wore during the day. Let’s hear about your footwear style at home.

Haflinger 'Doggy' Slipper Daniel Green Kenzie Birkenstock Boston

The Haflingers on the left have been my number one choice of slipper for years. But I’m road testing the Daniel Greens in the middle because they’re a little cheaper and the colour was impossible to resist. The Birkenstocks on the right are the kind of house shoe a lot of my Euro family and friends wear at home. They’re not for me, but they might be for you.