I’ve experimented with all sorts of slippers and the ones that I found under my Christmas tree a few weeks ago are the best yet. They’re made by a German slipper company called Haflinger who take pride in marketing their product as “the world’s most comfortable slipper”. I would have to agree.

Their slippers offer arch support, cozy interiors, a double felt non-skid sole and of course, they look nice. They’re made of breathable boiled wool and are completely machine washable. They set you back a pretty penny ($50 – $65), but you’ll find them on sale on sites like Footsmart and Onlineshoes.

I’ve tried everything from $8 styles (Target) to the kind that mould to the shape of your feet (Brookstone). They either stretch out, lack support, tear, make my feet perspire or feel slippery. Haflinger has found the formula that is perfect for me. Here’s to fabulously happy feet at home.

Haflinger 'Sheep' SlippericonHaflinger 'Cecilia' SlippericonHaflinger Hardsole Classic Slippericon

I’m particularly partial to the cream ones with the lamb appliqué (left). They’re on my feet right now.