Scarves are a fabulous transitional accessory as your look moves from Summer to Autumn. I see scarves more than any other accessory whenever I’m in Europe. For me they are a wonderful colour vehicle and a way to keep warm in a chilly climate (I’m also never without one on a long flight).

Tying a square scarf “muffler style” is hot this season. But instead of tucking the ends under, it is key to leave them exposed on either side of the shoulder. I like the look and I’ve seen several women sport it successfully. The appearance is relaxed and makes quite a statement. It’s especially flattering on women with shorter necks because the cowl effect creates the illusion of a longer neckline.

The muffler style doesn’t look great on me because my giraffe neck needs shortening as opposed to elongation. The scarf also doesn’t stay put because there’s no knot tying involved, and I don’t like to fuss with my outfit during the day. So I’m sticking to the Euro loop. The scarf doesn’t move and I love the vertical appeal.

Give scarves a bash if you’re not in the habit of wearing them. They are practical in transitional weather and can bring new life to an unexciting outfit.

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Scarves don’t need to be woolly. Cotton and linen scarves are an ideal option if you live in a warmer climate, or run hot quickly. They’ll give you an appropriate Autumn look without the warmth.