Wearing the right outfit can make a big difference on a long flight. Many hours in a cramped environment with different climates at your origin, destination and in the air makes for tricky choices. And while comfort is paramount, looking scruffy is not acceptable (no sweats or tracksuits please!). You will also want to think about those few minutes of chaos at the security checkpoint.

Here are some guidelines for being both sensible and stylish: 

  • Don’t wear light colors that show up dirt and grime.
  • Wear wrinkle resistant tops like stretchy jersey and mesh knits that you can wash as soon as you arrive. Their quick-drying and crease free nature is an added advantage. Stay clear of rigid linens and 100% cottons that crumple and don’t stretch.
  • Wear stretch jeans or stretch pants and avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of a belt (one less thing to worry about as you move through security).
  • Dress in layers and be prepared for temperature fluctuations throughout your journey. Start of with a camisole or tank top so that you can peel right off to this last layer if you need to. Top it off with a wrinkle free knitted top, cardigan, hoodie or stretchy jacket. Wear a trench coat instead of a jacket and look uber chic.
  • Wear soft underwear and avoid scratchy lace and underwire discomfort.
  • Avoid high heels and stick to flat slip-ons like fashion sneakers, ballet flats or loafers. Pack a pair of socks for the flight if you’re not wearing them when you board.
  • Bring along a pashmina that doubles up as a blanket. 
  • Pack a fresh top to change into just before you land.
  • Carry a large dressy tote that zips up on top as your handbag option. It can double up as your everyday handbag on holiday.

Dressing appropriately and practically when you travel on long flights is essential. Travel economy but look first class!

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