I’m writing about pant lengths again (my pet peeve). Unless you’re a skinny teenager, in your twenties or Kate Moss, refrain from wearing short shorts. Do not believe what fashion magazines tell you about this item being the hottest look for Summer. No matter how firm and fabulous your legs are, you need youth on your side to pull off this look.

Walk shorts that finish at the knee (either just above, on, or just below) remains the most flattering length for any woman because your legs look their longest and slimmest at this point. Raise that hemline to reveal a significant portion of your bare thighs and you’re dressing inappropriately for your age. You’ll get away with wearing short shorts for running and cycling when you’re older because it’s important to wear the correct gear when engaging in a sporting activity. But this is where I draw the line. Mutton dressed like lamb is unstylish. Keep it chic, classy and knee-length.

Martin Chino Suit Short Ryan Pleat-Front Cuffed Short

Walk shorts at the perfect length and short shorts for younger ladies with slim, shapely legs.