I adore cowl neck tops, but they are hard to find. Cowls can work for both busty and less endowed gals if the details are right. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Wear a camisole if the cowl is low. It’s instantly work appropriate and wearable that way.
  • Choose knits and wovens that drape. You’re after a cowl with maximum drape because they’re less bulky this way. Stay away from cowls in stiff fabrics unless they’re meticulously engineered (you’ll find these highly structured cowls in designer wear).
  • Exploit the cowl’s vertical appeal. It elongates the neck and creates the illusion of height. Furthermore, if the edge of the cowl starts close to shoulder-neck-point, women with dainty shoulders and long necks are in business. (Yay! That’s me).
  • Use them for visual interest. Cowls look great under jackets, cardigans or waistcoats, and on their own. Their ripple effect is attractive and punchy.

If you own cowl neck tops, tell me you love them too. If you don’t, start experimenting . It might take a while to find one that drapes the right way, but chances are high you’ll become a cowl convert too.

Bordeaux Beaded Cowl Neck Top (Plus)Norma Kamali Dolman Sleeve Cardigan (Plus)Madison Marcus 'Lunar' TankPetite Short-Sleeve Cowlneck TopSleeveless Cowlneck SweaterViscose Top

An assortment of Summer cowl neck tops. In cooler weather the neckline works just as well with longer sleeves and thicker fabrics, as long as there’s maximum drape-ability.