I have been champing at the bit to write this post because “biker-inspired” jackets are one of my favourite edgy items of all time. For my style they are forever fashionable (at least until I’m 70). My wardrobe has not been without some sort of updated biker jacket since the ‘80’s.

Bikers are becoming increasingly popular and there are loads of styles to choose from this season. I absolutely adore the “tough edge” they add to a feminine ensemble. It’s unexpected and the contrast is simply delicious. The trick is finding the perfect biker jacket and pairing it with the right pieces.

Some tips on how to incorporate a biker-inspired jacket into your clothing mix:

  • Keep the fit cropped and snug: You’re after a cheeky look and not a masculine one.
  • Black is not the only option: Neutrals like brown, cream, ink blue and grey work just as well. I’ve had a red biker at some point and recently saw a style in eggplant that’s fabulous. 
  • Leather is not the only option: Thick cotton twills, faux leathers, nylon and polyester blends can be just as effective and cheaper to purchase.
  • Sport one biker item at a time: Leave off the biker boots, studded belt and do-rag when you sport a biker jacket. A bit of biker goes a long way.
  • Keep the rest of the ensemble feminine: I like the look of a black biker jacket worn over a white knitted top, or white blouse. Add jeans, heels and Bob’s your uncle. One of my own favourite flop-proof outfits. Tartan, denim, floral and tweed skirts or soft pretty frocks also look great paired with bikers.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum: Biker jackets make a huge statement, so choose your accessories wisely. Soft silk scarves add a pretty touch. My choice of accessory is usually some form on chunky pearl necklace (no surprises). The contrast of ultra-feminine, perfectly round, large white pearls against hardcore biker leather sends me into orbit. I LOVE that look.

Consider investing in a biker jacket if there’s an urban rock-chic element to your style. I’ll be posting flop-proof outfits on how to get the most mileage out of your biker as the season progresses. In the meantime, check out YLF forum members Tanya and Patience in their killer biker jackets. My heart skipped a beat when they posted their ensembles.

Kimber JacketEunice JacketItaliano Leather JacketQuilted Moto JacketLeather Pintuck JacketMARC BY MARC JACOBS Leather Motorcycle JacketOrganic John Patrick Shrunken Leather JacketKenna-T Motorcycle JacketMadison Marcus 'Universe' Ruffle Leather Jacket

An assortment of biker-inspired jackets. I updated my biker jacket last year. It’s black with retro cracked patent and suede trim, belted at the waist. It happens to be my best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase ever.