Choosing the correct transitional accessories for your ensemble as your wardrobe moves from Summer to Autumn is a quick and inexpensive route to go. Some ideas:

  • Scarf: This was the most popular bridging item that I saw people wearing when we lived in France. I was amazed at how the scarf (worn in the same manner as in the picture below) was the first “clothing item” that you’d see adorning outfits as temperatures started to cool. While I would gravitate towards a cardigan or jacket, in Paris it’s all about wearing the scarf before you wear the cardigan or jacket. Add a beautiful bulky scarf to a fairly plain ensemble and look like a Parisian.
  • Hat: Headgear is particularly popular in Europe and is often worn together with a scarf before the addition of a jacket. Sporting a scarf along with the hat is not a necessity – hats can make quite a statement on their own.
  • Closed shoes: Storing your sandals and adding closed shoes to your outfits (like the new Oxford) is an easy change. However, adding hose to peep-toe shoes is also a trendy look and good for Autumn.
  • Hose: Whether it’s hose or leggings, add them to existing skirts and dresses and change the mood of your outfit. Ribbed, patterned, coloured, opaque or sheer, they’ll all work depending on the level of drama that you want to create. It’s very fashionable to add black opaque tights and heels to a Summery dress at the moment.
  • Handbag: Switch back to your “cold weather” bag if you chose to keep your handbag selection to a complement of 3. Structured bags are a good choice for Autumn because they denote a level of seriousness that somehow works with the turning of the season. Away with whimsical wicker and onto solemn fun.

I can’t stress enough how “accessories” make the outfit. They remain one of the most effective ways to accomplish a stylish appearance.

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Scarfs and hats are ideal ways of adding the Autumn touch to an existing outfit.