Apparently so. A college student who was on her way from San Diego to Tuscon for a doctors’ appointment was asked to get off her flight because her outfit was too revealing. Kyla Ebbert sat down in her seat and just as the flight was about to take off, a flight attendant asked her to come to the front of the plane and (in front of the other passengers) told her that she would have to catch a later flight, in a different outfit. According to Kyla, he told her that Southwest was a family airline and she was “too provocative to fly on this flight”.

Embarrassed and desperate, Kyla asked what she could do to stay on board so that she could make her medical appointment (it was a day trip and she didn’t have any spare clothing). She asked for a blanket, covered herself up and managed to stay on what became a rather miserable flight.

There is no dress code policy on Southwest Airlines and Kyla is asking for a formal apology. Things were different when she flew back to San Diego a few hours later and a different flight attendant actually complimented on her outfit. Take a look at Kyla’s outfit on the MSNBC video and let us know what you think. Did Kyla cross a line? Should there be a line at all? And if so, how should it be enforced?