Don’t be scared of the boyfriend blazer! It’s a hip item that’s a must if you have an arty, creative, casual and eclectic dimension to your style. The silhouette spells modern AND retro, and it’s more versatile than you think. Boyfriend blazers are great layered over T’s, knit tops and blouses worn with jeans or slacks. But they work equally well layered over little frocks and pencil skirts. If you can’t get your head around the boxyness of the style, you can either rein in volume with a belt, or choose a silhouette that shows your waistline.

As always the devil is in the details when it comes to finding a flattering silhouette. Here are some guidelines to help you find the right boyfriend blazer:

  • Colour: Solid black or charcoal grey are the obvious choices, but pinstripes, false plains, or any neutral will work.
  • Styling: Stick to single breasted styles because they’re flop proof. A long lean line is created in front of the body when a single breasted style is left un-buttoned, which is super slimming. Double breasted cuts are adorable and very ‘80’s, but harder to wear.
  • Fit: For an authentic boyfriend blazer look, you’re after a bit of boxyness in the waist area. But slimmer cut styles are available if you’d prefer to define the waist. Either way, make sure that the fit is snug through the shoulders and that the garment drapes well. It’s important to keep a strong shoulder with this silhouette, especially if you’re going for the boxy look. This will give your outfit the necessary structure.
  • Length: Lengths will vary from shrunken styles that graze the hip bone to longer lengths that cover the bottom. The taller you are, the longer you can go. If you’re extra petite, opt for a shorter length. Wearing heels with the look will also help to elongate the leg line.
  • Button positioning: I see this style worn open unless it’s belted. For this reason the stance of the jacket (where the highest button on a jacket hits the chest) should be high in order to add structure to the shoulder line. Lower stances work on tall gals and larger bust lines. But if you’re after a flop proof look, opt for a jacket with a stance positioned just under the bust or a couple of inches below that.
  • Sleeve detailing: Boyfriend jackets are all about scrunching, or rolling up sleeves to show lining detail. Contrast lining is fun but self colour lining works just as well. Both add an interesting textural dimension to the outfit.
  • Fabrication: Woven wool blend suiting fabrics are great, but so are cotton blends, tweeds and herringbones. Knitted blazers are also available for as extra casual look.

I adore my woven single-breasted black boxy boyfriend blazer with self colour lining. I personally prefer the item with volume because it looks more androgynous. I opted for the self colour lining because its more versatile (can be dressed up or down). But if you’re after a more casual look, contrast lining is the way to go.

If you still can’t get your head around the boxy 80’s boyfriend blazer, there’s room to cheat. Sport a regular fitted suit blazer and roll up or scrunch up the sleeves. Bobs your uncle.

Boyfriend BlazerSashimi Boyfriend BlazerABS Luxury Collection 'Armando' Square Shoulder Boyfriend BlazerPrinted Boyfriend Jacket

An assortment of boyfriend blazers, some are shorter and more tailored than others. The voluminous aspect of the boyfriend blazer is forgiving, relaxed and comfortable, yet you gain a bit of dressy structure because it’s a jacket. I have trendier Mums and gals on the go in this item and they’re happy as clams because it’s a nice change to the cardigan. Surprisingly, my older modern classic clients are loving the look too.