A big yay from me. Boots are my favourite form of footwear and I’ll wear them in all combinations: with skirts and frocks, under jeans and clamdiggers, over skinnies, with hose, or bare-legged.

But I’m surprised that so many lasses don’t like to wear mid-calf and knee-high boots with skirts and frocks unless they pair the look with tights or hose. In other words, boots with bare legs is a no-no. Why is that? It’s the perfect transitional outfit when it’s still too hot for hose, but cool enough for boots. It’s a great way to get more mileage from your boot collection before you have to wear hose to keep warm. Also, this is your boot solution for mild Winter weather.

I’ve heard one explanation: “when it’s cold enough to wear boots, it’s cold enough to wear hose and tights”. In my book this simply isn’t so. I take full advantage of in-between weather so that I can wear my boots more frequently. And trust me. I have plenty of unsightly varicose veins all over my lily white legs. This won’t stop me from showing bare skin because I moved on from being bothered about that long, long ago.

What am I missing, ladies? Will you sport boots and bare legs? If not, why not?

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