Mainstream chain store Anne Taylor have evolved their merchandise mix and I’m excited about the changes. They used to offer a strictly modern classic look that focused on business attire. But no longer. The Ann Taylor label has incorporated items that are “of this fashion moment”: Boyfriend blazers, biker jackets, straight leg jeans, cascading cardigans and ruffle tops that are as trendy as they are fabulous. They’ve also supplemented their collections with designer wear. This has been the most interesting addition.

I’ve never been an Ann Taylor clothing customer because their look was a tad classic for my trendier fashion persona, and their fits did not work for my body type. But I do purchase their costume jewelry and I’ve taken plenty of very happy clients to their stores. So I have been a fan, even if it wasn’t for my own wardrobe. I love, love, love their quality. Their product is clean, crisp and beautifully made. They offer a wide assortment of sizes (00 to 16) and have an especially good petites section. They also regularly offer discount coupons, which comes in handy because their prices aren’t cheap.

But now that Ann Taylor has changed its look and adjusted some of their fits, I’ve got two of their frocks hanging in my closet. I’m impressed with what I’ve seen in stores over the last few months and they’ve certainly won me over as a regular lurker. Their trendier look has also gone down well with my clients, so from my side it’s all good.

I’m not sure that this change is good for all Ann Taylor shoppers. Becoming a more fashion forward retailer has its downside. What do you think of Ann Taylor’s fashion forward statement? Have you noticed the change? Are you an Ann Taylor customer? If not, why not?

Ann Taylor - Look 1 Ann Taylor - Look 3 Ann Taylor - Look 2