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16 2 years ago by unfrumped

Welcome to "Shopping"

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K/R: The silk dress arrived

20 24 minutes ago by anne

My trinas broke

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All Saints

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Nordstrom Calgary

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Great Looking Trousers

19 4 hours ago by jackiec

Ask Angie and All: Which 'Color'?

7 4 hours ago by merwoman

PSA -Hand bags at Indigo

30 5 hours ago by Suz

Wedding dress mistake, need advice. :(

6 5 hours ago by Angie

Lilac Sweater

15 6 hours ago by rachylou

Shopping with friends- a slippery slope!

3 8 hours ago by lisaflex

Find: Comfy Luxe Tights

13 9 hours ago by Sterling

To the Ladies that Responded to my Question about Everlane

9 9 hours ago by Momo

I think I am in love

17 10 hours ago by Debbie

AYR jeans K/R

22 12 hours ago by Jal

Everlane home try-on review

32 12 hours ago by Keturah

High Tall Boot Hopes for Fall 2015

12 14 hours ago by Thistle

Price/value for spring/summer clothes

18 15 hours ago by lisap

Wear, value and linen tees

15 16 hours ago by Sara L.

K/R: Matisse pointy studded booties

35 16 hours ago by texstyle

Spring Dresses K/R

15 18 hours ago by viva

Shopping advice from Man Repeller

3 1 day ago by Laura (rhubarbgirl)

My Everlane home try-on report

23 1 day ago by isabel

More pics from the change rooms

6 1 day ago by Diana

Ask Angie and all: Best chunky- heeled summer shoes?

3 1 day ago by Summer

Budgeting for Spring/Summer

9 1 day ago by Elizabeth P

Any Canucks order from AllSaints?

3 1 day ago by Tania

K/R flares

8 2 days ago by Greyscale

BR Site Problems?

20 2 days ago by crutcher

Update: Cancelled! Bought the Matisse Nugents in leopard

6 2 days ago by citygirldc

Black Blazer Shopping Help

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