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Chat about fashion and style.
34 2 years ago by mila

Welcome to "Dressing"

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1 6 minutes ago by Ingunn

What about this jacket?

19 2 hours ago by Deborah

Zara Long Jacket??

4 4 hours ago by CocoLion

Double denim with a jeans skirt

12 4 hours ago by Astrid

Packing & second guessing

4 6 hours ago by Firecracker

Bee sweater

29 6 hours ago by Debbie

A discovery about my style

39 7 hours ago by Elizabeth P

Also Ready for Spring--Casual Version (Long)

4 8 hours ago by rachylou

Your thoughts on Melissa jelly shoes?

23 9 hours ago by Ann in New England

Stylebook-paper dolls for grown ups!

36 10 hours ago by K.M.

To belt or not to belt a gown

15 12 hours ago by Carole

Ask Angie and all: Blondo boot fit (Edited)

16 12 hours ago by Firecracker

Ask Angie:How do you style an arty jacket so it doesn't look so "Christmas sweater y"

8 16 hours ago by retailgirl

Which shoes?

18 18 hours ago by Meredith

My day in pictures: Keeping it real

8 18 hours ago by bettycrocker

New Discovery for Me

7 1 day ago by Gigi

Time to shop my closet

9 1 day ago by shevia

How are sandals supposed to fit?

56 1 day ago by SandiC

Hong Kong Street Style Wrap-up WITH Photos

3 1 day ago by rachylou

What colors are "IN" this season?

5 1 day ago by rachylou

Ask Angie, Rachylou and others: mastering the apron look

11 1 day ago by itsrozzz

prom dress help :D

36 1 day ago by Susie

Ready for Spring

12 1 day ago by Alassë

Wiw and didn't

17 1 day ago by bettycrocker

Agree or disagree - colors that go with black and charcoal gray

13 2 days ago by Firecracker

Good alteration or leave them be?

19 2 days ago by anne

Shoe possibilities

27 2 days ago by K.M.

Machine Wash: what would happen...

16 2 days ago by bettycrocker

Denim like pant with a stretch waist, that looks decent?

7 2 days ago by unfrumped

sometimes I just get it wrong,

12 2 days ago by annabelle

More fashionable shoe with Teva sensibility?

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