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34 2 years ago by mila

Welcome to "Dressing"

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A love letter...

25 1 hour ago by Alana in Canada

R/K: Land's End Order

36 2 hours ago by Cerinda

Colour--Do You know What Looks Good on You?

5 5 hours ago by mtallen

Keep or Go: The Shoes

17 6 hours ago by April

YLF Challenge Chain: Windchime challenges April!

13 13 hours ago by Karie

Keep or Go

11 15 hours ago by crutcher

What colour tights goes with this dress?

16 21 hours ago by Marin


16 22 hours ago by Deborah

Could this shape/style of dress work?

1 1 day ago by always trying

My shoes with heels

33 1 day ago by pastrygirl

What is your favourite brand of handbag?

26 1 day ago by dianthus

Darned Fussy Feet

25 1 day ago by Cerinda

Fall capsule challenge & Business travel: your assistance requested

5 2 days ago by rabbit

Pune, India dressing

16 2 days ago by Peri

Simple solutions to my complicated love of black

23 2 days ago by Alana in Canada

Jumping on the white bandwagon...

9 2 days ago by Jeanie

Recc'm slip with bra for this dress?

1 2 days ago by MuseumGal

interesting or delicate?

35 2 days ago by Eliza

Moto'ed out?

11 2 days ago by Ummlila

Black VC Tube and Converse Hi Ness White eyelets -what top?

6 2 days ago by chadya

Silky track pants: shelf life? fit on pears?

14 2 days ago by trendin1234

I had white jeans on today, too (now with haircut photo)

9 2 days ago by Firecracker

Shoe Conflict

13 3 days ago by san

Ask Angie: super or sloppy?

10 3 days ago by Suz

Linen shirt for year round wear?

11 3 days ago by Ummlila

Haircut Headaches?

18 3 days ago by quietgirl

W2W: Track pants sans heels?

6 3 days ago by DonnaF

Yet Another VC Tube Skirt Question...Sizing

38 3 days ago by DonnaF

What have you done to revive a garment?

13 3 days ago by Mamapicklejuice

NAS k/r: Espresso and cognac

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