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Chat about fashion and style.
34 2 years ago by mila

Welcome to "Dressing"

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Ask Angie and Fabbers :: Nursing Friendly Clothes

17 2 hours ago by Gigi

How many tops do you own?

3 2 hours ago by Lyn D.

Harking back to a pre ylf look.

8 2 hours ago by Gigi

Is this length OK? ETA: Side view

15 2 hours ago by keirawaterworth

Outfits for the first week of a new job and thoughts on style goals (long!)

13 6 hours ago by DonnaF

While I've been busy...

14 7 hours ago by Suz

A Year In Numbers Part 2: Skirts, Dresses And Pants

10 7 hours ago by doubleh

K/T: De-brief me on de pants? pt 1 (long!)

21 7 hours ago by Suz

A Year In Numbers Part 1: Tops, Shirts, Sweaters (Very Long)

10 7 hours ago by Reneeb

K/R Kut from Kloth boyfriends

4 9 hours ago by Angie

Speaking of jackets -- is the "luxe" bomber over?

19 12 hours ago by Mimi

Are you wearing cropped tops?

40 12 hours ago by Alana in Canada

Should I Take It All Back? (sorry, long)

8 13 hours ago by Transcona Shannon

Diesel jeans washed and restyled.

21 16 hours ago by Elly

anyone buying sneakers for fall

10 18 hours ago by alaskagirl

Keep or Replace: Michael Kors?

16 19 hours ago by texstyle

JFE? Sweatshirt Style - not sure if it's for me

8 1 day ago by Sterling

Ask Angie: Rolling Up Pants

18 1 day ago by jennifer

Do you size up in white clothing?

30 1 day ago by vengenzx

Head-to-toe floral

13 1 day ago by shevia

Pre-interview meeting. What to wear?

10 1 day ago by MsMary

WTW? Active casual event

12 1 day ago by dawn

Are the choices I choose figure flattering?

57 1 day ago by SW

Summery Sums, or a Summary

18 1 day ago by viva

recommend a denim jacket

14 1 day ago by shiny

Jeans for Business Casual Workplace

9 1 day ago by Elly

Topper on topper? Layering question

29 1 day ago by Windchime

Happy to Report I am Eating My Own Words

17 2 days ago by purple8

Are traditional (?) pants out of style?

28 2 days ago by Sveta

WIwillW First one down the aisle

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