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34 2 years ago by mila

Welcome to "Dressing"

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15 22 minutes ago by lyn67

Shoe Purge K/Toss

9 44 minutes ago by Staysfit

Shoes, to stay or to let go

48 2 hours ago by Jeweled

Can We Talk About Denim Skirts?

22 3 hours ago by kkards

Altered pants and another haircut

3 3 hours ago by lisap

Going to OKC NBA game! What should I wear?

9 14 hours ago by trekkiegirl (tr3kkie9rl)

? midi skirts

27 1 day ago by DEB

The Third-Piece Rule

8 1 day ago by tulle

Ann Taylor loft pants

34 1 day ago by Aida


20 1 day ago by Aida

For Angie: Dark cropped pants with light footwear

5 2 days ago by Ingunn

Ask Angie (or anyone): Straight leg PPL

12 2 days ago by Kiwigal

Some WIWs in March (lotsa pics)

17 2 days ago by Karin L H

Grey woolen shorts. Are they ok?

41 3 days ago by citygirldc

What spring purchases are you most excited about?

37 3 days ago by bettycrocker

Do you think the trend for flares will get airborne?

1 3 days ago by Dixie

Ask Angie and Apple Shaped Ladies:

13 3 days ago by Marina

How do celebrities Sofia vergara kat dennings and christina Hendricks compliment their figure in so

11 4 days ago by tulle

Vamp too roomy on pumps

12 5 days ago by bettycrocker

Pants length, 2k15 edition

4 5 days ago by Alemao

Ask Angie: Leather jacket fit

27 5 days ago by quietgirl

Do you ever wear the same outfit two days in a row?

10 5 days ago by Marley

Ask Angie et al.: The difference between fitted/tailored/bodycon knitted tops

23 5 days ago by CocoLion

Maxi/Ankle skirts - still a nay?

27 5 days ago by Daria

The annual conference-wear post

11 5 days ago by unfrumped

Blush tone

14 5 days ago by unfrumped

Date night! Knee-socks, yay or nay?

12 6 days ago by Xwalker

Style/boots advice?

15 6 days ago by tulle

Help with matching head accessories to dress

14 6 days ago by anne

Baggy ankled boots

10 6 days ago by Olivegreen

Shoe colour?

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