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34 2 years ago by mila

Welcome to "Dressing"

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12 1 hour ago by Golden

Diamond tennis bracelet

1 2 hours ago by Firecracker

Red Redux

9 3 hours ago by Deborah

Taking nice up a notch


Recommendations for long, warm tights?

17 4 hours ago by shevia

Thoughts on this dress?

26 5 hours ago by rae

some belated thoughts on silhouette variety

37 5 hours ago by Aida

Shannon's Simplicity Search Post #10

27 6 hours ago by Beth Ann

Good-Luck Red!

64 7 hours ago by deb

Your Jeans Wearing History

25 9 hours ago by Angie

Quick Snow Boots Question about Colours

38 1 day ago by Marley

A few wedding pics

23 1 day ago by Beth Ann

Purple for the Season!

27 1 day ago by Dimity

Frumpy White out attempt

9 1 day ago by Noro

Is this okay for a Christmas semi-formal?

14 1 day ago by christieanne

Cheap boho jewelry

41 1 day ago by rachylou

Shoe Removal at Party - The Sequel

10 1 day ago by Joy

Wearing my daughter's sweater

10 2 days ago by Firecracker

K/R: Jeans

11 2 days ago by thimblelina

The blanket scarf trend

4 2 days ago by Angie

Ask Angie: are clutches and wristlets still "in"?

11 2 days ago by Thistle

Help! Which one should I wear?

28 2 days ago by Aziraphale

What do you wear when you're sick?

25 2 days ago by Saretta

*Gulp* Shoes.

44 2 days ago by Laura

storm clothing - pics added

19 2 days ago by Karie

Ask Angie and all: Tadashi dress option

10 2 days ago by milehighstyle (Linda)

Ask Angie: red cashmere

3 3 days ago by KL

How to wear short boots?

3 3 days ago by Angie

Ask Angie: Layering Under Sweaters

42 4 days ago by Laura (rhubarbgirl)

Step 2 : fine-tuning what remains, and thinking about variety vs the perfect piece.

12 4 days ago by Kelz

All white Christmas party

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