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34 2 years ago by mila

Welcome to "Dressing"

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2 2 minutes ago by dashielle

proenza schouler ps1 pouch bag in cobalt blue

22 14 minutes ago by Windchime

How long do you keep old favorites before you ditch them?

50 38 minutes ago by avicennia

My Ten (+or-) Item Wardrobe For F/W 2014

16 53 minutes ago by MsMary

What would you wear to meet POTUS?

30 1 hour ago by krishnidoux

K/R: The Zara Circus Striped Jacket is here ....

14 7 hours ago by Jem

(Re)Building a new shoe wardrobe

8 10 hours ago by unfrumped

Outfit lab: Dressy-gala directions (long)

14 10 hours ago by Astrid

Ensemble - plum and leopard with -- ETA WIW black and cream

17 10 hours ago by Angie

Long stuff for short people

4 12 hours ago by Zibbets

What can i pair with a skirt for fall/winter?

20 13 hours ago by Ingunn

Baggy pleated pants - opinions needed

28 14 hours ago by Elizabeth P

Surprised myself.

3 18 hours ago by PalmFronds

Pullover /cardigan over shirt test MOTG with baby

45 22 hours ago by columbine

Skinnies and Straight Legs in 2015

12 1 day ago by Melinda SF

Straight Leg Wool Trousers: Shoe help?

12 1 day ago by Alex L

Color Confusion

6 1 day ago by Angie

Shirt under knitwear

19 1 day ago by Caro

What to wear for interview in upscale place?

8 2 days ago by Windchime

Burberry coat

23 2 days ago by dashielle

Neckline Feedback Needed

24 2 days ago by bettycrocker

UPDATE - More pics and more questions - style/color help needed

16 2 days ago by lynn

Best footwear for silky track pants?

48 2 days ago by texstyle

Essentially speaking...

6 2 days ago by MsMary

WIW: Blue and Orange

22 2 days ago by Lisa

Confused by the current cardigan style..

22 2 days ago by anne

What to wear with leggings and the need for comfy casual clothes

98 2 days ago by Yolicr

Wardrobe Essentials vs. Statement Pieces

7 3 days ago by lisap

Lucky ankle boots: better with or without laces??

20 3 days ago by Greyscale

UPDATE: Flocked Kut skinnies: statement?

12 3 days ago by lisap

Speaking of dressy boots...

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