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34 2 years ago by mila

Welcome to "Dressing"

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5 1 hour ago by shipskitty

PSA : Looks A Lot Like ... EF

42 4 hours ago by Joy

Styling the butt vest

2 5 hours ago by shipskitty

Ask Angie: and others search for long cardigan

12 6 hours ago by bettycrocker


39 10 hours ago by crutcher

Hat Hair--Surely there's a Solution?

34 12 hours ago by amdminimal

Footwear changes the whole vibe

9 15 hours ago by Zibbets

2 Weddings, No Funeral!

10 18 hours ago by Marilyn

Mini closet purge

22 18 hours ago by Claudia

Sentimental clothes

16 20 hours ago by Sterling

Shapewear: What do you think about it?

14 1 day ago by Jeanie

Anyone gone raw...with denim?

15 1 day ago by Keturah

My recent style shift. Feeling a bit nuts... (long post, sorry!)

19 1 day ago by Summer

Pop that collar!

13 1 day ago by tr3kkie9rl

How do you update an outdated dress?

7 1 day ago by Thistle

WIWon't Wear (this week)

19 1 day ago by Alassë

Into the fray-skirted leggings

4 1 day ago by Angie

Show me your Maddie pants with shoes, please?

39 1 day ago by Astrid

Musings on the ominous white shirt

28 2 days ago by Diana

Wildcard: big shirt

31 2 days ago by Beth Ann

Grey Out!

21 2 days ago by Zibbets

How do YOU organize legwear?

11 2 days ago by bettycrocker

Ask Angie: How to wear button-down shirts

29 2 days ago by bettycrocker

I hurt

27 2 days ago by Karie

Embarrassing Closet Discoveries

31 3 days ago by Jjsloane

Am I Delusional? ETA Loafers

22 3 days ago by shevia

SSIF Outfit Recreated & 3-Way Wearings to prevent Wardrobe Orphans

21 3 days ago by Suz

How do you wear your oxfords?

20 3 days ago by Zibbets

Please Help Me Brainstorm the Job Interview Outfit

19 4 days ago by Deborah

Autumn/Winter Prep: Jackets

2 4 days ago by carter

Thinking ahead for spring: styling ankle-length chinos

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